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Injury Prevention

- Strong athletes are by nature competitive.

- Stadiums, sport complexes, and gyms across the country are full with teams competing.

- Training and practice are the traditional ways that individuals and team skills are improved.

- How can an athlete accurately set realistic goals and measure improvement?

- How can the risk of an athletic injury be reduced?

- At RVA Athletes we bring the science, the experience, and the motivation that can increase the performance of all athletes.

- We can help athletes of all ages set, meet, and exceed their goals to be better athletes both on and off the field.



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  President and Founder Coach Glenn Pfluger has had a driving focus since he was 5 years old. It is to be better than the competition. Coach Glenn has a Masters level education in Exercise Science with a concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.


  He also has achieved the following certifications:

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

- Functional Movement Systems (FMS)

- Titleist Performance Institute (TPI),

- Fitness Professional Level 2

- USA Weightlifting (USAW)


  RVA Athletes is dedicated to helping athletes (Ages 8 and up) reach and exceed their natural athletic potential. Our overall goal is to inform, instruct, and inspire all levels of athletes so they can ultimately overwhelm their competition.


Increased movement (mobility / stability, motor control, functional patterning) and performance (ability to generate power) are valuable assets that we will help develop in our athletes.

Virginia Golfer Magazine - The Importance of Body Control


“What we do is not rocket science—it is actually more complicated. Rockets can be replicated exactly the same. Not one human is the same, and therefore they cannot be treated the exact same way.”


by Glenn Pfluger

founder and president, RVA Athletes

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Coaches, know your sport and team’s abilities very well.  However, there are only so many hours in a season.  Student athletes have many more demands on their time than ever before.


RVA Athletes works in concert with coaching staffs.


RVAA specializes in developing programs that can be customized to the needs of a specific team and a specific athlete.


RVA Athletes can institute programs that will; 1st, optimize performance of an individual student athlete.  2nd, optimize performance for a specific sport.  3rd, optimize performance for a specific position.



USA U20 youth international Nick Taitague has joined compatriot Weston McKennie in Schalke’s first-team squad for their winter training camp in southern Spain as they gear up for the second half of the season.

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Rory Weinfurther, a 14-year-old rising freshman at St. Catherine’s, on Tuesday surged into the quarterfinals of RWGA tournament match play with a 5-and-4 victory over Hamilton College player Libbie Warner. The experience is new for Weinfurther. Never before has she competed on the RWGA stage. Nor has she previously been exposed to the intricacies of match play. She concealed her naiveté well. She made a nasty downhill 5-footer to halve the first hole. Thereafter, her command was all but complete.   Read More . . .

Geo Rivera, Lafayette senior Geo Rivera has been the pitcher for the Rams baseball team since his freshman year, and he’s been offered a scholarship to play for Old Dominion University in the fall. It’s also possible that Rivera may become the first student-athlete in Williamsburg to be drafted to the major leagues out of high school when the MLB Draft takes place in June.   Read More . . .

Walsh is the third female to be named All-Metro player of the year following Jackie Beers of Monacan (2000-2001) and Lyberty Anderson (2012). Walsh concluded her high school career as co-champion and co-player of the year in the VISAA Division I tournament. Her 6-under 66 included birdies on the first four holes and eight overall. She set a school record with 58 career birdies and one eagle. Walsh holds the school record for lowest 9-hole score (5-under 31).   Read More . . .

James River freshman, Lilly Ver Beek did quite well in her high school triple jump premier at the VA Showcase. Despite not having competed in the event, she ended up placing third overall in the unseeded division of the largest meet in the nation. Her mark of 35-11.5 is a freshman state leading mark and ranks sixth overall in Class 6 this season.   Read More . . .

A special Shout Out to Callie Rogers for scoring big making it onto the 2020 U.S. U-16 Women’s National Field Hockey’s Junior High Team    Read More . . .


    I have worked with Glenn for several years now, referring my physical therapy patients to him. Glenn is a high-energy and very well educated performance professional.  He has a broad knowledge base and can apply his expertise to any level athlete and with any sport, with golf performance in particular. As I deal with injured athletes, Coach Glenn always takes injuries and over-training into consideration, which I find appropriate in this era of youth sports. 
    - Doctor Brandon Ream, PT, DPT, CSCS, TPI - Midlothian Village Physical Therapy


    My son, Conor, has been working with Glenn for four years now. Glenn has developed his athleticism while also helping to develop his character. Glenn provides an encouraging and positive environment for his athletes. He genuinely cares for the kids and supports their efforts in and outside of the gym. He is a great role model for our kids and teaches integrity coupled with a strong work ethic. He is extremely knowledgeable about his craft and even endeavors to teach the kids about the different muscle groups, their functions, and how best to strengthen them safely. Glenn provides a positive, safe, and motivating environment where kids can accomplish their goals while improving their strength, agility, and overall athleticism. 
    - Shannon Baxter


    I just turned 65 years old, and I have been playing golf for a number of years. I have also exercised on a regular basis most of my life. For the last year or so, I have noticed that it has become more difficult to swing the way I want. I have started to realize that the way I am exercising is not working for me and that there has to be another way. I work on my swing with Mike Hott at Salisbury Country Club, and I mentioned to him that maybe I need a personal trainer to guide me in exercising in the right manner. Mike recommended Glenn Pfluger at RVA Athletes. Glenn performed an evaluation to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. I have been working with Glenn just over three months. I have seen considerable results, both in my everyday activities (I am still working), and most importantly, I have achieved a greater range of motion in my swing. I plan on working with Glenn to have better posture and more flexibility in my everyday life, and in my golf swing.
    - Chris Harvey


    Glenn is an OUTSTANDING performance coach. - If you are serious about improving your performance in golf, soccer, track or other activities, I strongly encourage you to work with Glenn. I have worked with . . .    more


    I recommend that athletes who are looking to exceed their natural athletic potential get training with Glenn Pfluger. His over goal is to help inform, instruct and inspire you so that you can ultimately become a better athlete and . . .    more


    I am truly honored to have the pleasure of working with Glenn. His work ethic and passion for what he does are remarkably inspiring. I am pleased to see results . . .    more

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”an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”   Benjamin Franklin


   RVA Athletes is determined to keep athletes in the play and off the bench due to injury. Individuals are more sedentary and less active today; however, the demand for sports performance is higher than in years past. This combination results in increased risk for injury. If you are not assessing, then you are guessing. RVA Athletes screens all athletes for functional limitations and movement asymmetries which may lead to injury. The results of the screen will set the foundation of a program to increase natural movement patterns, unlocking performance while reducing the risk of injury.

What is a 360 Athlete?

At RVA Athletes we understand that for an athlete to perform at the elite levels, they must be able to have proper movement mechanics and performance based patterns. An optimally successful athlete must be trained in the following areas:


Mobility - Stability

Strength ‐ Speed

Deceleration ‐ Acceleration

Power ‐ Balance

Agility ‐ Coordination

Quickness ‐ Flexibility

Reaction time ‐ Confidence



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